StubFtpServer - FTP Commands and CommandHandlers

The following table lists the main FTP server commands with their corresponding FTP client commands, and the StubFtpServer CommandHandler classes that implements support for the FTP server command. See the Javadoc for each CommandHandler class for information on how to customize its behavior through configuration, as well as what command invocation data is available.

FTP Server Command FTP Client Command CommandHandler Class(es)
ABOR AborCommandHandler
ACCT AcctCommandHandler
ALLO AlloCommandHandler
APPE APPEND AppeCommandHandler
CDUP CdupCommandHandler
CWD CD CwdCommandHandler
DELE DELETE DeleCommandHandler
EPRT EprtCommandHandler
EPSV EpsvCommandHandler
HELP REMOTEHELP HelpCommandHandler
LIST DIR / LS ListCommandHandler
MKD MKDIR MkdCommandHandler
MODE ModeCommandHandler
NLST NlstCommandHandler
NOOP NoopCommandHandler
PASS USER PassCommandHandler
PASV PasvCommandHandler
PORT PortCommandHandler
PWD PWD PwdCommandHandler
QUIT QUIT / BYE QuitCommandHandler
REIN ReinCommandHandler
REST RestCommandHandler
RETR GET / RECV RetrCommandHandler, FileRetrCommandHandler (1)
RMD RMDIR RmdCommandHandler
RNFR RENAME RnfrCommandHandler
RNTO RENAME RntoCommandHandler
SITE SiteCommandHandler
SMNT SmntCommandHandler
STAT STATUS StatCommandHandler
STOR PUT / SEND StorCommandHandler
STOU StouCommandHandler
STRU StruCommandHandler
SYST SystCommandHandler
TYPE ASCII / BINARY / TYPE TypeCommandHandler
USER USER UserCommandHandler

(1) An alternative to the default CommandHandler implementation. See its class Javadoc.

Special Command Handlers

There are also special CommandHandler classes defined (in the core package).